Jannabi (잔나비)


Jannabi was in the Super Kpop studio for Kpop Rising with DJ 1kyne. Jannabi (잔나비) is an indie rock band that debuted in 2014, and are currently under Peponi Music.

The members::
Jung Hoon (최정훈) – Leader, vocal, guitar
Do Hyung (김도형) – Guitar
Young Hyun (유영현) – Keyboard

– Jung Hoon has a dog named Sang Soon
– Jung Hoon’s favorite movies are Disnay movies, and he really likes Lion King
– Do Hyung said he has never finished adding a book
– Young Hyun likes clay animation movies
– They participated in an Audition show
– Young Hyun used to be a trainee for the same company that promotes CNBlue, and FT Island
– Jung Hoon started singing in junior high, Do Hyung started playing guitar as a very young kid, and Young Hyun started playing piano in Elementary school
– There was one time when part of their stage collapsed, but ye played through the chaos.
– They favorite food: Chinese spicy soup with noodles (Jung Hoon), pork (Do Hyung), strawberry banana smoothies (Young Hyun)
– Favorite music genres: pop, rock, accoustic (Jung Hoon), heavy metal (Do Hyung), girls day (Do Hyung & Young Hyun)

Speed Quiz::
1.) Cat or dog?
Do Hyung – cats, because they’re independent, and very clean, and fresh looking
Young Hyun – big dogs
Jung Hoon – dog, because they listen to you and cats are disobedient

2.) Movie of book?
Jung Hoon – movie
Do Hyung – movie
Young Hyun – movie

Q & A::
Q: Why the name Jannabi?
A: Jannabi means monkey, and they were all born in 1992 which is the year of the monkey.

Q: Ideal type?
A: They all like brown eyes
Jung Hoon – girls that look good with short hair
Do Hyung – long permed hair, pretty nails, and girly
Young Hyun – girls with hair so short it looks sporty

Q: What is the concept of the album’s cover?
A: It feature a man and woman in the nude and is meant to be an art form that expresses true love

Q: What is your dream as Jannabi?
A: To conquer the world with Jannabi music. In 10 years they see themselves as having conquered 50% of the world.

Live Performance::
Rocket, growl (cover – exo), Catallena (cover – orange caramel)

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