Taru (타루), Fromm (프롬)

Taru & Fromm were in the SuperKpop studio for Kpop Rising with DJ 1kyne. Taru (타루) debuted in 2007 and is under Old Record. Fromm (프롬) debuted in 2011and is under Mirrorball Music. They are both amazingly talented vocalist.

– Fromm wants her music to be seen as vintage, rough, and free
– Taru likes crazy dancing
– Fromm like Pisces, and Taru likes Hani Jung
– To them in order to write good lyrics you need to observe lots of things going on around you. You also need to know who you are.
– They both play guitar and Fromm also plays the Happy Drum
– Taru’s birthday is July/10 & Fromm’s birthday is July/24
– Fromm would like to receive a DVD for her birthday
– They both participated in the Sound Festival 2014 as solo artist
– Fromm likes to write about her childhood and she gains inspiration from that
– Taru would like to collaborate with GDragon is given the chance
– Sung Si Young is someone Fromm would like to collaborate with

Q & A::
Q: How did you chose your names?
A: Taru – in hanja it means teardrops falling
Fromm – the name means that her name will spread. She got he name from German philosopher Fromm

Q: What kind of life do you want n the future?
A: Fromm – something free, unsettled, and random
Taru – wants a safe life, because right now life is up & down, and she would like something more settled and safe

Q: What is one of the challenges of being in the indie music industry?
A: Fromm – because your in a smaller company promoting and advertising music takes longer
Taru – continuously coming up with new ideas

Q: Future plans?
A: They will both be participating in a singer /songwriter concert on July 18th. The concert will consist of only female performers. Fromm’s next album to be released in spring 2015.

Q: What are your dreams?
A: Fromm – When people listen to her music she hopes they get strength from the music.
Taru – to become a musician who is like a friend to the listeners

Live Performance::
Fromm – 좋아해 (Like You) & Taru – 사랑에 빠진 딸기 (Strawberry that fell in love)

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