Zan Zan (짠짠)

Zan Zan was the Hot New Face in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. Zan Zan (짠짠) is comprised of two men who have previously had solo careers. They decided to join together as a duet group. Zan Zan debuted in 2014 under Chrome Entertainment.

The members::
Yang Jung Mo (양정모) – Vocal
Park Min Koo (박민구) – Vocal

About the music::
Their lastest single “닭발 (chicken feet)” is a sad ballad with a sterotype breaking concept. There is an unofficial stereotype that you have to wear a suit or be dressed up to sing a ballad. They wanted to show that even manly men can breakdown and sing a sad song. It is a song that when you pay attention to the lyrics you realize that even something as simple as chicken feet can be sad. “잔치 (happy party)” was meant to be a fight song for the Korean team during the World Cup.

– The chicken feet music video was Min Koo’s first acting experience, looking back he cringes when he see the video
– They have cute sense of humor
– Min Koo was on an audition show, Birth of a Star
– Min Koo does a good impression of Beast
– They are both good at dancing, Jung Mo like break dancing
– They sung clips of American songs
Min Koo – Brian McKnight One Last Night. & Jung Mo – Stevie Wonder Lately
– Min Koo would like to work with IU & Yoon Ha

Q & A::
Q: How did you meet each other?
A: They first met at a talent show in 2006, but didn’t keep in touch with each other. They met again while Jung Mo was on the streets hunting for people to help him sing for a friends wedding proposal. They ran into each and Min Koo said sure he’d help. At some point Crayon Pop’s manager saw them practicing and had them meet the CEO.

Q: How come up with group name?
A: In Korea when people jump out of nowhere they usually say 짠. They are using that to say that they are popping out at you with music.

Q: When did you decided to do music?
A: In high school girls started giving Min Koo their numbers after he started singing. As a result, he thought to himself that this must be something I should do if I want to get married in the future. Jung Mo’s teacher would punish students or talking during class by making them sing. The students and teacher were surprised at how good h was. This made him think that “oh I must be able to sing better than most.” So, he started doing auditions and talent shows.

Q: Future plans?
A: Any stage where they can sing only live would be awesome. They are continuing their chicken feet promotions. And maybe another album later in the year.

Live Performance::
(chicken feet) & 잔치 (happy party)

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