Tiny-G (타이니지)

Tiny-G is was the Star Close-up in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. Tiny-G (타이니지) is a trio of ladies that debuted in 2012 under GNG Products, and Loen Entertainment.

The members::
J.Min (제이민) – Leader, Maknae, Vocal
Dohee (도희) – Vocal, visual
Mint (민트) – Dance, vocal, rap

About the music::
Polaris is the song they debuted with on variety shows. It is about constantly striving to you reach your dreams.

– Tiny-G stands for Tiny Giants
– Myung Ji left the group in June 2014
– Mint is from Thailand
– They really liked the Pajamas concept cause they used pillows with it and they could fall asleep anywhere.
– They go to the same salon ass Seo IN Kook but they’ve not seen him there yet.
– Mint likes putting cheese on almost everything
– They are very talkative once they actually start talking
– According to J.Min the animal closest to Mint is a Monkey.
– J.Min messes up a lot on stage, but she does it so confidently that the other girls think maybe they were the once who messed up.
– J.Min would like to do some musicals
– Dohee says it is hard for her to show cuteness on stage
– Mint knows enough English to say whatever it is she wants to say
– J.Min says this Ice Baby concepts fits her best because it is you everyday style of clothing.

Q & A::
Q: When did you decide you have to do music?
A: J.Min – started dancing first and then after a while thought maybe she should be a singer.
Dohee – always wanted to be a celebrity but she put that dream away in 5th grade, because of the logistic. She didn’t live near seoul
Mint – wanted to be a professional dancer, and her mom wanted her to be center stage in the spotlight and said she should think about becoming a singer.

Q: During this comeback were there any stages you were excited to see?
A: Dohee and J.Min – f(x) because they are charismatic, and a big fans of f(x)
Mint – Taeyang because she has major fangirl feels for him

Q: Is there anyone you want to collaborate with?
A: J.Min – JYJ Xiah Joonsu (준수)
Dohee – Seo In Kook (서인국)
Mint – Taeyang

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
A: All say eventually they’ll be married. They say Dohee is most likely to get married first, then Mint, and some time later J.Min. They hope to still be doing music, and to be so established that they can do solo stuff and still be a group.

Q: Future plans?
A: They are going to continue promotions for Ice Baby longer than they usually do. They hope to get into the top ten this year. They also want to show a different side to themselves.

Live Performance::
Ice Baby

3 responses

  1. SassyPantaloons

    Ok, so there are several things wrong in this article. J.Min is the leader, not Mint. J.Min does not specializes in Dance. There is no Maknae, they’re all the same age (all born in 1994).

    J.Min – Leader and Main Vocalist
    Mint – Main Dancer and Main Rapper (after Myungji left)
    Dohee – Lead Vocalist and Visual

    1. During the interview Mint was introduced as the leader. Also at various moments during the interview both Mint and J.min talked about wanting to be dancers. I base my summary off of the interview. I use very little input from outside sources.

    2. According to their birth dates (yyyy-mm-dd) J.Min is the youngest, and therefore the Maknae. Please bare in mind what I post is based on what I hear in the interviews. In this particular interview Mint was introduced as the leader. I need not say J.Min specialized in dance. When the official website was working, it listed dance as one of the things that J.Min likes to do. That being said, I did make some changes after researching the issues in your complaint.

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