One More Chance (원모어찬스)

One More Chance was in the SuperKpop studio for Kpop Rising with DJ 1kyne. One More Chance (원모어찬스) debuted in 2010, and are currently under Mirrorball Music.

The members::
Jung Ji Chan (정지찬) – producer, song writer, vocal
Park One (박원) – vocal, songwriter

About the music::
뭐가 그리 좋은지 몰라 (don’t know what I like about you) is about writing a song about a girl you like, and not knowing what you like about her, because you like her so much. “널 생각해 (I think about you)” is from the woman’s perspective. She is asking her boyfriend why he has changed from the beginning of the relationship until now. The guy is say ‘no, nothing has changed I till think about you.’ “시간을 거슬러 (time passes” is about a time when there was a lady in his life, and now he wonders how she’s doing.

– Jichan wrote a song for a friend to make that friend feel freer
– Park One considers himself to be a shy guy
– Jichan wrote a song for his child.
– Park One used to listen to a lot of hiphop, but now he is more into ballads
– Jichan likes electronica guitar, but lately has been listening to more acoustic guitar style genres

Q & A::
Q: Why the name One More Chance?
A: They took the one from Park ONE. The chance came from JiCHAN. Then One More Chance just clicked and they went with it.

Q: What does music mean to you?
A: Park One – music brings excitement to him and happiness to the listeners
Jichan – music is a vibe

Q: Future plans?
A: A concert on the 26th & 27th July in Seoul. They will post things on SNS for fans outside of Korea.

Q: Your dream as One More Chance?
A: Jichan says music is game and they want to have fun with it at all times.

Live Performance::
뭐가 그리 좋은지 몰라
(don’t know what I like about you) & 널 생각해 (I think about you)

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