Parc Jae Jung (박재정)

Parc Jae Jung was the Hot New Face in the Kpoppin studio ith DJ Isak. Parc Jae Jung (박재정) debuted in 2014, and released his first mini album under CJ E&M.

About the music::
(Ice Ice Baby)’ is a retro pop song. 너 때문에 (Because of you)’ is a fast accoustic song. It is saying “look at me I’m going crazy because of you.”

He win 1st place on Super Star K season 5
– He started learning classic guitar in junior high
– His whole family moved to Florida, USA so he could study abroad, he stay a year and came back to Korea to be a singer, but his family is still in Florida.
– Jae Jung is in his last year of high school
– He likes older songs
– His birthday is December 25th (Christmas!)
– He describes himself as ‘안녕하세요 (hello)’ because he is still a rookie, and saying hi to the world with his music
– Jae Jung would like to meet and collaborate with Lee Sora
– He wants to try doing some Jazz style songs
– He give YouTube credits for achieving some of his musical skills
– He wants to be more comfortable with his music before attempting a solo concert, but he also wants to be a guest for other artist’s concerts.

Q & A::
Q: Now that you have debuted what is your new big goal?
A: To be known as Parc Jae Jung the singer forever.

Q: When did you decide “I have to be a singer”?
A: He was the lead vocals in a band during high school. After a few performance, he decided he need to focus more on music.

Q: What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you?
A: When he was a kid he,and his family were at the airport. He had wandered off, and ended up getting on the wrong plane. Fortunately his dad found him before that plane departed.

Live Performance::
(ice ice baby) & 너 때문에 (because of you)

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