Z.Hera (지헤라)

Z.Hera was in the SuperKpop studio with DJ 1kyne for Kpop Rising. Z.Hera (지헤라) ia a female solo indie singer/dancer that debuted in 2013 under Artisan Music.

About the music::
She shot the video for on Dokdo island. She describes her music in one word as “smile,” because she wants peopl to listen to her smuic and smile.

– She is still in high school
– She liks eating everything, but is currently on a diet
– She like to jog to relieve stress & clear her head
– BoA is her musical role model
– Her favorite hair color so far is her blue hair
– She has a blog about sisters
– She has trained in martial arts from age 8 to 13
– In her ree timesh likes to hang out in her room and watch movies.
– She likesall typs ofmoies except scary horror type movies, but she like “scary movie” the comedy movies
– Lately she has been listening to Magickz – Rude

Q & A::
Q: Where does the name Z.hera come from?
A: Hera is from greek mythology and is the goddess of all goddesses. Her real last nam is Ji (pronounced Z). The choose Hera because they want her to be the goddess of music.

Q: What has been your most memoriable moment since you’v debuted?
A: She debut stage, and she performance for the soldiers. She was so into the music that she performed despite the fact that it was raining.

Q: What will you be doing when your 80 yrs old?
A: She hopes to have a home with a nice view. She will most likely be spending time with her grandchildren. and will no longer be doing music.

Q: What is your new big goal now that you have debuted?
A: It is still to be a singer, and have the whole world know her namee and known her music.

Q: Future plans?
A: She has plans to do some promoting in China

Live Performance::
(D.Island) & 공작새 (Peacock)

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