Paran the Pace (파란 더 페이스)

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Paran the Pace was the Star Date in the SoundK stdio with DJ Stephanie. Paran (파란) which debuted in 2006 has made a comeback as a 2 member team Paran the Pace (파란 더 페이스) after a long hiatus. Paran the Pace (2014) is under WH Media.

The Members::
P.O (피오) – Vocal, song writer
Ace (에이스) – Vocal

About the music::
‘Paradoxx’ basically means to emphasis. It has lots of love in the song, and that love covers a wide range of relationships types. ‘Hello’ is about moving on from the obstacles in life with a smile. They wanted to use this song as a way of saying hello to the world and their fans again after being away for so long.

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– Paran was original a 5 member boy band, and the name was changed to Paran the Pace when the group went down to 2 members.
– SoundK is the first radio show they’ve been on since their comeback.
– Their fanclub and official color are still the same has the original Paran’s.
– Ace is not technology literate, and is learning to communicate via SNS
– P.O hobby is his music, Ace’s hobby is playing online Soccer games
– Ace has been active a musical actor during their hiatus

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Q & A::
Q: Why add ‘the Pace’ onto the name?
A: The original name was the first initial of each members name. But now that they are just 2 members they wanted to make the name more about just them, so they took the p from p.o and ace and combined them into pace. then they just tacked it onto Paran, and Paran the Pace was created.

Q:What is the difference between being a 5 member group and a 2 member group?
A: They are getting older, gaining weight, and they can show more maturity. There is really no one to rely on, and if they mess up it is more noticeable.

Q: What was the turning point in your careers?
A: Ace – the turning point from him is right now because this comeback is like a new beginning for him, and Paran the Pace
P.O – His turning point is now as well, but for different reasons. He said that while Ace was away his life was quiet and peaceful, but now that Ace is back his life is starting to becoming more stressful. (A/N: I think he was just joking…)

Q: Future plans?
A: They have a new single in preparations. They are also planning to have a special performance just for the fans.

Live Performance::

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