A.KOR (에이코어)

A.KOR was the Hot New Face in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. A.KOR (에이코어) is a rookie girl group that debuted in the summer of 2014 under Doo Republic Entertainment.

The members::
Minjoo (국민주) – Mascot, Vocal
Kemy (케미) – Rap
Jiyoung (지영) – Main vocal, rap

About the music::
Their debut single ‘Payday’ is about loving getting paid and then the money disappears. It also is about how in between paychecks people anticipate what they are going to do with their money.

– Minjoo is the mom of the group
– Because Jiyoung is the main vocal is always practicing to reach her desired level
– Minjoo eats the most
– Minjoo always misses her chance to eye the camera, because they are too many and they’re always moving around
– Jiyoung started dancing in junior high, and even joined a professional dance team
– Kemy doesn’t like to exercise
– Minjoo has been doing music since she was little. When she was about to give up and get a paying job Jiyoung dragged here back into the music industry telling her she couldn’t quit.
– Kemy started off dancing, and she started rapping because her vocals were not good enough in her opinion. That was her 7th grade year of junior high.

Q & A::
Q: Why the name A.KOR?
A: They wanted to be top artist so they went with A.KOR.

Q: Why come out as 3 first and not the intended 5?
A: Most groups of three have 1 rapper and 2 vocals, and they wanted to emphasis that they are different by having 1 vocal and 2 rappers. The other two members will be joining them later.

Q: What were your first impressions of each other?
A: Kemy – Minjoo was the last to audition and sang like it was effortless and that made a lasting impression for Kemy.

Q: What are your strong points?
A: Minjoo – she has a thin waist no matter how much she eats, she’s very long, and has big cartoon eyes (naturally)
Jiyoung – very muscular, and her vocals

Q: Who would you like to collaborate with?
A: Kemy – Maroon 5
Jiyoung – dance performance with Ciara and vocal performance with Alicia Keys
Minjoo – Lady Gaga

Q: Future plans?
A: Around the end of the year / the beginning of next year they will be adding to older members to the group.

Live performance::
Payday & Word Up (Little Mix cover)

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