Ra.D (라디)

Ra.D had a Star Date with DJ Stephanie in the SoundK studio. Ra.D (라디) debuted in 2002, and is currently under Loen Entertainment.

About the music::
He made his comeback after 6 years with his 3rd full length album, Soundz. He produced all the songs on the album. He named the album Soundz because it features various sounds he discovered while on his hiatus journey. The ‘Fly Away’ video features his sky diving experience. ‘For me’ is connected to ‘봐줘‘. ‘봐줘‘ is about saying forgive me. The title track, ‘그렇게 (as always)’ is a goodbye love song.

– He speaks English, not fluently but with good pronunciation.
– During his hiatus he was traveling around Korea looking for inspiration.
– He wants to visit all countries
– He dyed his hair “ash gray” and somehow ended up with 3 different colors in his hair.
– He is licensed to go sky diving by himself, without an instructor/supervisor.
– His favorite junior vocalist are IU & Yang Yoseob.
– His favorite music genre is disco, and the disco song – Freak out.

Q & A::
Q: Why the name Ra.D?
A: He used to say that ‘Ra’ stood for real artist, but in reality ‘Ra’ is just his favorite sound. The ‘D’ comes from his real name.

Q: Why comeback with a full length album and not a single?
A: Since he has been gone for so long he wanted to comeback with a full package.

Q: Future plans?
A: He is preparing for a solo concert that will take place next year.

Live Performance::
봐줘 (forgive me) & For Me

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