Ye-A (예아)

Ye:A was the Hot New Face in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. Ye:A (예아) is an 8 member Girl group that debuted in 2014 under Kiroy Company.

The members::
Hyei (혜이) – Leader, vocal
Yigyer (이겨) – Vocal
Kazoo (카주) – Dance
Dohye (도혜) – Vocal
Pier (피어) – Vocal
Hady (하디) – Vocal
Yeorin (여린) – Vocal, dance
Chai (차이) – Maknae

About the music::
Their debut singe, “Up & Down,” has no vocal rest point, and can be difficult to sing and dance to simultaneously. The concept for this song features sneakers, becase their choreogrpher said the dance for this song and heels were not a good combination. 밤하늘의 별을 (Star in the Night) is a song written by their producer, and has 5 different vrsions.

– All members are big fans of K.Will
– Dohye has the biggest collection of stuffed animals, and she talks to them
– Yigyer isfluent in English and has studied aboard in England, and attended an International School in high school.
– Yeorin is the mom about of the group when it comes to chores
– Yigyer’s dad is a famous soccer player
– Kazoo is the cook of the group
– Dohye is in charge of keeping everyone healthy by giving then vitamins, and other such thingsas needed.
– Chai eats the most
– Pier is good at getting people into good moods, at the same time she hasthe most up&down mood swings.
– Kazoo talks the most

Q & A::
Q: What made you decide “I have to be a singer”?
A: Yigyer – Has wanted to be a singer since she was 5
Chai – did a performance for her parents, saw how much they enjoyed, and decided this shoul be something she should look into.
Hyei – she has done talent shows since she was young
Pier – Originally she wanted to be a musical actor and in college she decidd she should focus more on singing.

Q: What member made the biggest impression?
A: Chai – because of her classic asian beauty

Q: Are there any countries you would like to visit?
A: Dohye – USA
Hyei – Japn
All other members – anywhere in Europe

Live Performance::
밤하늘의 별을
(Stars in the Night) – the original

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