Block B (블락비)


Block B was in the SoundK stuio for a Star Date with DJ Stephanie. Block B (블락비) is a boy band that debuted in 2011 and is currently under Seven Seasons.

The members::
Zico (지코) – Leader, rap, producer
P.O (피오) – Maknae, rap
Taeil (태일) – Vocal
Jaehyo (재효) – Vocal (in the studio)
Kyung () – Rap
U-kwon (유권) – Dance, vocal (in the studio)
B-bomb (비범) – Dance, vocal (in the studio)


– U-kwon is known as Jesus Oppa, because of his “Jesus” line in one of their songs
– They are so busy that they dont get much sleep, so they catch caps in the car and while getting hair and make up done
– If Jaehyo doesn’t eat he gets very sensitive and starts bugging their manager a lot
– They don’t have much free time and when they do they use it for sleeping
– Jaehyo has to eat before a live show or he can’t sing
– B-bomb has to warm up his voice before going on stage
– U-kwon gets very nervous before shows and starts giving his members kisses
– Jaehyo likes barbecue

Q & A::
Q: Ideal type?
A: B-bomb – out going person
U-kwon – a good cook
Jaehyo – tomboyish and charming

Q: When you see a girl you like how do you approach them?
A: Jaehyo – he just approaches the girl and starts a conversation
U-kwon – takes time to see the real person before he confesses
B-bomb – he goes on some dates with the girl and hangs out with her and gets to known her before he decides to confess or not to confess.

Q: What is you best memory so far as Block B?
A: When they won 1st place on a music show on Oct 13th, 2013

Q: Since it is Arirang Radio’s 11th birthday, we should ask if you remember 11 years ago?
A: U-kwon – wanted to be a b-boy, after coming across a particular book about hiphop
B-bomb – was 13 and his idol of the time was Rain (Bi), and he wanted to be a singer because of him.

Interview Footage::

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