Wiretap In My Ear (내 귀에 도청장치)

Wiretap In My Ear (aka Prana) was in the SuperKpop studio for a Chuseok special Kpop Rising with DJ 1kyne. Wiretap In My Ear (내 귀에 도청장치 / 프라나) is a rock band that has been active since 2001, and is currently under Wiretap Entertainment.

The members::
Lee Hyuk (이혁) – Leader, vocal
Tae Jin (태진) – Guitar
Jae Hoon (재훈) – Drums
Ui Joon (의준) – Bass

About the music::
Their music generally combines modern rock, psychedelic, and industrial music. According to Lee Hyuk ‘비밀의 문 (Secret door)’ is about reflection, and displays all the members very well. ‘축제 (festival)’ is based on the idea that in life there is a desert, and in that desert there is a festival.

– Lee Hyuk works as Physical therapist
– They typically play 20 song a performance/concert
– Lee Hyuk typically comes up with their stage concepts
– There was one show where Ui Joon drank during the performance to the point where he lost all thought processes
– Lee Hyuk recently got married and sang his own wedding song ‘Angel’
– Jae Hoon is in two bands at the same time; Wiretap in my ear, and Drums&Piano

Q & A::
Q: Are there any memorable moments?
A: Lee Hyuk put mud all over his body using a pigs head, and wrapped thing around around himself. Taejin once painted his whole body black and the only thing visible were his eyes.

Q: What are some new ideas you’d like to try?
A: Laying down throughout a performance, and if they fall a sleep they just fall asleep

Q: The secret to staying in music so long?
A: Just stick to it, and do the kind of music you like

Q: What is your dream as Wiretap In My Ear?
A: Jae Hoon – Wishes every member to be healthy
Tae Jin – says he is already living the dream
Ui Hoon – hopes to be in the band til old age
Lee Hyuk – wishes to be more relax and energized at the same time

Live Performance::
(bead) & 축제 (festival)

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