Crybaby (크라이베이비)

Crybaby was in the SuperKpop studio for Kpop Rising with DJ 1kyne. Crybaby (크라이베이비) is a singer, song writer, and producer, known as the hidden gem of Korean R&B. He debuted in 2001 and is currently signed under Grand Line Entertainment.

About the music::
6 line Luv Song was written on a guitar and instead of calling it guitar luv song, because a guitar has 6 strings he decided on 6 line luv song. Luv Vibe is about a girl, and always wanting to wake up next to her.

– He would like to collaborate with CL and Nicki Minaj
– He really like modern rock and accoustic
– A sport his likes is breathing
– He doesn’t drink alcohol
– He would like to maybe be married in 3 years
– Stevie Wonder is a huge musical influence on him
– He would like to produce something for Jeff Bernard (an R&B artist)
– He likes Chris Brown. Trey Songs, and Maroon 5

Q & A::
Q: Why the name Crybaby? Is there a story behind the name?
A: He was in a band with the members of Swings in high school called Crybabies. When the members went their separate ways he decided to keep the name Crybaby.

Q: What countries would you like to visit?
A: New Zealand, he heard the air there is very clean, and feels that if he were to go there for vacation it would cleanse his mind and body.

Q: Ideal type?
A: A girl with long hair, reminds him of sweet smelling coffee, and is elegant

Q: What are some bad parts about becoming a singer?
A: There was a time when he met the wrong people and they treated him poorly. He has since bounce back from that and is now in a good place in ife.

Q: What is music to you?
A: It’s like eating , he can’t live without it.

Q: What makes you smile?
A: His recently adopted cat Mimo

Live Performance::
긴 생머리(Cool gril) & 6 Line Luv Song

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