Minx (밍스)

Minx was the Hot New Face in the Kpopping studio with DJ Isak. Minx (밍스) is a girl group that debuted in 2014 under HappyFace Entertainment.

The members::
SuA (수아)
JiYu (지유)
SiYun (시연)
DaMi (다미)
YuHyun (유현)

About the music::
The concept for their debut single, 우리 집에 왜 왔니? (Why Did You Come To My Home?) , is skater girls.

– SuA is the dance machine, and has been dancing since elementary school
– The veteran idols they look up to are 2ne1, DBSK, and SNSD
– SiYun is really into dubbing
– They are huge wonder girls fans, and want to see them perform soon
– Dami acts the most mature, according to the other members
– JiYu really likes ramen
– YuHyun takes the longest to get ready in the morning
– JiYu eats the most and has the biggest appetite
– They are known as the little sisters of Dal Shabet
– Dami is the group mom
– SuA wants to be on running man
– Dami is the group prankster

Q & A::
Q: Why the name Minx?
A: They wanted to show the minx side of themselves, by being bright and colorful

QWhat were your first impressions of each other?
A: When YuHyung first met SiYun SiYun had two tone hair and was a bit scary.
SiYun was reminded of her sister when she met JiYu

Q: What are your goals for the year?
A: They want to show their dance & vocals skills, and still be very charismatic. They also want to stay humble and true to who they are.

Interview Footage::

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