Sweden Laundry (스웨덴세탁소)

Sweden Laundry was in the SuperKpop studio with DJ 1kyne. Sweden Laundry (스웨덴세탁소) is a duet group that debuted in 2012 under Syopal Music.

The members::
SeYoon (왕세윤) – guitar , chorus
InYoung (최인영) – vocal, keyboard

About the music::
(Voice) is a song about a couple with different feelings. The guy wants to break up and the girl doesn’t but she is catching his feelings.

– They live together
– SeYoon’s favorite hiphop artist is Pharrell Williams
– They are good friends, they fight a lot but get over it quickly
– They have some of the same hobbies, and like to watch movies together and read
– InYoung is good at running
– They get inspiration from their life experiences and their diaries
– SeYoon loves hiphop and even had dreads in high school
– They really want to go to sweden

Q & A::
Q: Can you describe your music?
A: It’s talking about them without any fakeness

Q: Ideal type?
A: SeYoon – a nice peronality that she can click with that is a little insecure.
InYoung – someone she can connect with, joke around, and have a good time with.

Q: Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?
A: SeYoon sees herselve as a hiphop producer

Q: What is your dream as Sweden Laundry?
A: They want to make music that fits their age group

Live Performance::
그래도 나 사랑하지
(You Still Love Me, Right?), 답답한 새벽 (Frustrating Dawn)

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