4ten (포텐)

4ten had a Star Date in the SoundK studio with DJ Stephanie. 4ten (포텐) is a girl group the debuted in 2014 under Jungle Entertainment.

The members::
Taem () – Rap
Hyeji (혜지) – Vocal
Yoojin (유진) – Vocal
Hyejin (혜진) – Maknae, vocal

– They do not have an official leader
– Yoojin talks in her sleep
– Tem is from Los Angeles and is fluent in English
– Yoojin was given a traditional Mianmar dress which she wore to the interview.
– Hyejin was not at the interview because she was taking her college exam
– Tem and Yoojin top role model is T. Yoon Mi Rae
– Hyeji eats a lot but doesn’t gain weight, other member envy her of this.
– Yoojin used to have a cat when she lived in gangnam, but when she moved into the group dorm she had to let her cat go.
– Hyeji’s grandma is her biggest fan, and replies to every post on their fancafe.

Q & A::
Q: What are some of the funny or scary episodes that have happened so far?
A: While sleeping Yoojin took medicine, but as soon as she put it in her mouth she spit it out, all while asleep.

Q: Are there any genres you would like to try?
A: Hyeji – to challenge the various hiphop genres
Tem – R&B, and anything with a good beat

Q: What is your biggest fear?
A: Hyeji says one of Tem fears is gaining weight. Tem says another one is not being able to see her parents again.

Q: What are your future plans?
A: They are preparing for their first comeback and second round of promotions.

Live Performance::
Super Bass

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