Nam Young Joo (남영주)

Nam Young Joo was the Hot New Face in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. Namy Young Joo (남영주) is a female soloist that made her official debut in 2014 under JJ Holic Media.

About the music::
“6시 9분
” is about a guy and girl one lives on the 6th floor and the other lives on the 9th floor of the same building. “여리고 착해서 (Because I’m soft hearted and nice)” is talking about a girl in the phase of life where she is between being a girl and being a woman. She has fallen in love, but has a bad experience with love.

– Young Joo was on Kpop Star 3, and out of the contestants on the show she was the first to make a debut.
– Originally she dreamed of being a cartoonist.
– She lost 11 kilos for her debut
– Right before Kpop Star 3 she was at a point in her life where she was about to give up on being a singer. She made the Kpop Star her last audition, and told her parents that if she didn’t make it she was going to get a job.
– Friends say she is ditzy. They say she tries to act smart and in the end just comes across as beign ditzy.
– Her parents were against her going into the music industry because they knew how hard it was to amake it in that world.

Speed game::
1.) I get surprised by my outer appearance sometimes? Yes, when she takes off make up.

2.) I honestly thought I would make it to the top 3 on Kpop Star? No, because of all the young people on the show.

3.) I sing better than I dance? Yes, never learned to dance until her debut single, so she has no confidence in her ability to dance.

4.) While dieting there were time when I would sneak in cheat days? Yes, she had a craving for something spicy and ate it anyway.

5.) When in school I was a good student? No, she would skip classes to go sing.

Live Performance::
여리고 착해서
(Because I’m soft hearted and nice)

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