Bernard Park (버나드 박)

Bernard Park was the KStar & Live in the SuperKpop studio with DJ 1kyne. Bernard Park (버나드 박) debuted in 2014 under JYP Entertainment.

About the music::
The album was put together in such as way as to show the world who Bernard Park really is and his personality. With his debut album they didn’t want to stray to far from the style he used during Kpop Star. “Before the rain” is a song that was given to him which he connected to immediately. While recording the song he thought about his experiences with the survival show Kpop Star.

– His favoriate song on the album is “before the rain” and ” (one more day).”
– Bernard values sleep more than food.
– He would like to collaborate with 15&, out of that collaboration he thinks Neo Soul would be the type of music they would create.
– His CEO, JYP, is always buying him cardigans.
– He diets and excercise so that he can eat more, and as a result ends up losing weight.
– In the USA his music style is considered Old School.
– He made his debut with a sore throat.
– Bernard’s parent have always been supportive.
– He never really thought it was possible to become a singer because of how hard it is in the USA, but he heard that Kpop Star was having auditions in Atlanta and decided to give it a try.
– He thinks Got7 and 15& are the people in his company closest to him because they can speak english with him.
– Bernard would like to learn Japanese.
– He thinks anyone can train to be good singers, but the hard part is feeling the emotion of a song when singing, as well as truly understanding and believing in the lyrics.

Q & A::
Q: Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
A: Michael Jordan, because of his persistance and competitve drive

Q: What is your dream as Bernard Park the singer?
A: To do a lot of live performances where there are tons of people in the audience, and where he can feel all the love from those people.

Interview Footage::

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