UNIQ (유니크)


UNIQ was the Hot New Face in the Kpoppin Studio with DJ Isak. UNIQ (유니크) is a hiphop boy group that debuted in 2014 under YH Entertainment.

The members::
Sung Joo (성주) – Leader, vocal, dance
Zhou Yi Xuan (조이쉔) – rap, dance
Wen Han (문한) – Vocal, dance
Seung Youn (승연) – Rap, dance
Yibo (이보) – Maknae, rap, dance

About the music::
Their debut single “Falling in love” was choosen by the group members. The Chinese version was written by Yi Xuan, and Seung Youn and Sung Joo wrote the Korean version. The 2nd track on the single, “Born to fight” was for the China OST for the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


– Seung Youn wanted t be either a soccer player or a singer when he was younger.
– Yi Xuan is the Mom of the group
– Sung Joo and Wen Han are the stongest members
– Seung Youn played professional soccer in Brazil after he graduated from 6th grade.
– Wen Han is the weirdest member, when at the practice studio he will put his hair up and start making strange noises. In the big cities such as Seoul there are Big TVs on the top of buildings, and when they stop at red lights he’ll roll the window down and ask for the remote so he can watch TV. Seung Youn says Wen Han tends to act before he thinks. In his defense he claims it is because he is bored.
– Seung Youn falls in love the fastest/easiest, and he eats the most
– Yi Xuan is the member who gets the most over enthusiastic on stage, he voice getter about 3 octaves deeper.


Q & A::
Q: Why the name UNIQ? And what does it mean?
A: It means unicorn and unique. They want to show their colors to the kpop world.

Q: What were your first impressions of each other?
A: When Sung Joo first met Wen Han, he had long hair, and when he finally got a chance to see his face thought he was good looking.
Seung Youn thought Yibo was the oldest or second oldest member of the group, but he ended up being the youngest.

Q: Ideal types?
A: Yi Xuan, Wen Han, and Yibo have similar types – cute, good with parents, and some one they have chemistry with
Sung Joo – someone like his mom
Seung Youn – no specific type, he’s a in the moment kind of guy

Q: What do you think is the sexiest part of your body?
A: Seung Youn, and Sung Joo – head to toe
Yibo – his adam’s apple
Yi Xuan – his long legs
Wen Han – his abs (he left them behind in china)

Q: Future plans?
A: To show their differet colors, styles, and talents

Interview footage::

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