Na Yoon Kwon (나윤권)


Na Yoon Kwon was the Star Close-Up in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. Na Yoon Kwon (나윤권) debuted in 2012 and is currently under Kiwi Music.

About the music::
His recently released comeback single, “If only,” is a very simplified song with minimal background music, in order to focus on his vocals. He describes this song is a perfect Na Yoon Kwon ballad. His CEO recorded the demo for him while he was doing his military duty. He wanted his song to be on a full length album for his 10th Anniversary. He ended up with a comeback single instead, because he also wanted to get back on stage as soon as possible. He feels that “나였으면 (If it was me)” is a song from his debut album that most people recognize him from.


– When it comes to relationships he is not the push an pull type. He lays it all on the table with a take it or leave it mind set.
– He is a shy guy, and i trying to be more out going
– Na Yoon Kwon has completed his military duty
– He took a 2 years break to recharge himself
– During that 2 years break he avoided watch music shows, because he knew he had the ability to be on those stages himself. Since he was limited, and not able o be on those stages it was slightly depressing for him.
– He would like to be known for his looks a bit more
– He is open to being on variety shows such as Witch hunt, or an athletic show.


Q & A::
Q: What inspired you to keep doin music?
A: His first concert – where the reaction from he fans had him so emotional that he realized that

Q: Other than your military duty what else did you do during your 2 year break?
A: He took the time to recharge himself, and go back to his roots. He practiced songs from his ideals and younger years from a new prespective.

Q: Future plans?
A: His 10th anniversary concert

Interview Footage::

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