Suki (숙희)


Suki was the Kpop Rising guest in the SuperKpop studio with DJ 1kyne. Suki (숙희) is a ballad singer, and made her solo debut in 2010 under JG Star and Krazy Sound.

About the music::
“얼굴보고 얘시하자
(Let’s talk face to face)” is a sad song full of emotion. The song is about a couple where one person is saying let’s break up, and the other is saying let’s talk face to face & try to work things out before calling it quits. It is based on her personal experience and was written and composed by her. “어제까지 (Until yesterday)” is a sad song about a couple who until yesterday were so in love, but to today they are broken up & complete strangers. “마취 (Anesthesia)” is about a couple that breaks up, because neither of their families supports the relationship.


– She is a member of Woman Power (우먼파워) (2009)
– Her real name is Jin Jung Yun (진정연)
– Her dream as a kid was to be a detective
– Reading science fiction mystery books is her hobby
– Mariah Carey is her biggest musical inspiration and has been since her kindergarten years
– If she had to choose just one of her songs as her favorite it would be her debut single, “One love”
– Her favorite collaboration so far is “바보가슴 (Foolish heart)” with Hwan Hee, if she had to pick just one.
– If she could go on vacation anywhere in the world she would like to go to Paris, France
– Other than music one of her hidden talents is doing/making make-up
– She doesn’t believe that she has particularly pretty face but thinks she has beautiful skin. She says the secret to pretty skin, is lots of sleep and drinking plenty of water.

Q & A::
Q: Why the name 숙희 (Suki)?
A: Her producer decided on that name, because they wanted her to have a vary Asian name that was full of energy.

Q: Do you have any memorable fans?
A: There is a fan sh can never forget. A girl who has been a fan since elementary school, and is now in high school. She gave Suki a present that she made with her classmates.

Q: What do you want people to think about when they listen to your music?
A: To gain some strength out of the music.

Q: What is your dream as Suki?
A: To sing for a very very long time, and hopes that people will love her music.

Live Performance::
(Anesthesia) & 얼굴보고 얘시하자 (Let’s talk face to face)

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