Hotshot had a Star Date with DJ Stephanie in the SoundK studio. Hotshot (핫샷) is a hip-hop boy group that debuted in 2014 under K.O. Sound.

The members::
Joon Hyuk (준혁) – Leader, vocal
Timoteo (티모테오) – Vocal
Ho Jung (호정) – Maknae, vocal
San () – Rap
Sung Woon (성운) – Main vocal
Kid Monster (키드몬스터) – Dance, rap, vocal


– They are known for not having a concept
– Sungwoon’s ideal type is a girl with a great smile, an innocent look, and similar to IU.
– According to Kid Monster the manly man of the group is San, because of his voice and mannerisms.
– San is fluent in French.
– San was voted most handsome by the other members.
– Kid Monster was a member of a krump dance crew, and has dance professionally for several years. Now he wants to show of more of his vocal skills.
– Members say Hojung is addicted to working out at the gym.
– The mother of the group is Timoteo, and the dad of the group is Joonhyuk.
– San is the shy type.
– They all share one room that has 3 bunk beds
– They would like to try a romantic type of song.
– Members said San makes the most mistakes.
– Joonhyuk i a very emotional type of person.
– Timoteo’s personal rival is laboum. He would check feedback messages, and see that laboom had more messages than Hotshot, and he would get jealous.


Q & A::
Q: If you had chance to go on a trip what country would you visit and with who?
A: Joonhyuk would go to France with Timoteo for couples get away, because San use to live there and has been bragging about France.

Q: Who has the worst sleeping habits?
A: Kid Monster said Timoteo moves round a lot in his sleep, and San snores and speaks French in his sleep.

Q: If you had girlfriend what kind of Christmas present would you give her?
A: Sungwoon would arrange an event, sing a song, and give her a necklace.

Q: Goals from now on?
A: To continue to how what they got, and let listener hear more of their music.

Live Performance::
Call you mine (Jeff Bernat) & Take a Shot

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