Cupid (큐피트)


Cupid (큐피트) was th Hot New Face in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. Cupid debuted in Spring 2015 under In Entertainment (인엔터테인먼트).

The members::
Bona (보나) – Leader, vocal
Sarang (사랑) – Vocal
Nanayuri (나나유리) – Rap
Jenna (제나) – Maknae, rap

About the Music::
Their debut song “I feel good” was originally more of an ‘I feel bad’ song, however, in the process of recording it became a more upbeat song. According to Sarang “I feel good” has a super addictive melody, and will help the listener feel refreshed, and break out of their everyday life.


– According to the member the member who was the most nervious for the debut stage was Jenna.
– Bona was in a beauty pagent during her pre-debut time, and won first place.
– Sarag was in a few TV shows/dramas during the groups pre-debut time.
– Nanayuri auditioned, because friend of her suggested that she audition.
– Jenna is a senior high school at a Performing Arts school.
– The groups vitamin Nanayuri, because she kind of goes crazy between dance practices, according to Bona.
– The group unanimously decided the member with the most hidden talent was Nanayuri. She did imitations of a crow and the vacuum in Teletubbies.
– Sarang eats a lot to gain more weight, because of her high metabolism she doesn’t gain weight easily.
– The groups mom-like member is Jenna, because of how she takes care of the members when they travel together.
– All he members are night people, and not very nice in the morning.
– Nanayuri would like to do more Hip-hop and be more charismatic on stage.
– If Bona was a guy she would like to date Jenna. Nanayuri thinks Bona is pretty and if she was a guy she would like to date Bona.


Q & A::
Q: How you come up with team name?
A: Bona chose the team name, at the end of all their choreography they send out hearts to the audience, so that they can fall in love with them.

Q: What languages would you like to learn?
A: Nanayuri — Japanese
Bona — Chinese and English
Sarang — Thai

Q: Which member is the different with or without make-up?
A: Sarang and Jenna. Jenna doesn’t have a very defined eyelid and without make-up her eyes look very small. However, with make-up Jenna’s eyes get really big, and because of her tan skin she tends to glow. Sarang, because she likes dark make-up, but they group thinks she has a beautiful no make-up face.

Live Performance::
아이스크림 (Icecream) – Hyuna cover

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