The Ark (디아크)


The Ark (디아크) was the Hot New Face in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. The Ark is a girl group that debuted in Spring 2015 under Music K Entertainment (뮤직케이).

The members::
Minju (민주) – Leader, vocal
Yujin (유진) – Vocal
Yuna (유나) – Rap
Halla (한라) – Face of the group, vocal
Jane (제인) – Maknae, Dance, Rap

About the music::
(The Light)” they debut single is a song to heal the heart. They want the listener to feel that The Ark is a group that is there for them when they are feeling alone.


– Yuna, and Jane can speak English.
– The team vitamin is Jane, because she has a bright bubbly bouncing off the walls type of personality.
– Yujin can do an impersonation of Sujin (popular in the 90s).
– Minju is the mom of the group.
– Yuna wants to be a radio host


Q & A::
Q: Why the name “The Ark”?
A: Ark is a large boat with a biblical reference. They would like to be a team like that ark in the fierce industry of Kpop music.

Q: Who is the food fighter of the group?
A: According to Jane hey each have their food fighter categories.
Minju – beef and chicken
Yuna – ice cream
Halla – Korean food — mainly rice
Yujin – sushi
Jane – everything — especially chocolate

Q: What was your first impression of each other?
A: Jane – upon seeing Minju asked is she was Minju from Kpop Star.
Minju – saw Yuna on Super Star K, and she came across as mischievous, but is actually very lady like.
Yuna – Halla was very reserved, and quiet with glasses and bangs, and very pure looking like a child.
Halla – Yujin was overly polite
Yujin – Jane was a very open person

Q: Are there any TV shows you want to be on?
A: Jane wants to do a reality show like The Ark Showtime.
Minju – running man
Halla – vacation type of variety shows

Q: Ideal type?
A: Minju – not over the top, but still noticeable muscles
Halla – innocence face
Yujin- family guy, who cooks too
Jane – guys who cook well, and don’t tell her to go on diets
Yuna – a nice guy

Live Performance::
(The Light)

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