2000won (이천원)


2000won (이천원) was the Star Close-up in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. 2000won debuted in 2014 under Rev Entertainment (레브엔터테이먼트).

The members::
Hyobin (효빈) – Rap
Ildo (일도) – Vocal

About the music::
굿밤 (GOODBAM)” is a sweet and cute love song that shows a different side of themselves.


– The most romantic member is Ildo according to Hyobin. However, Ildo says that all artist have a little bit of a romancer
– The one that gives into the other demands the most
– According to Ildo Hyobin has the most celebrity social connections
– Makes the most mistakes on stage Ildo says Hyobin and Hyobin said Ildo.
– Ildo is really bad at memorizing lyrics
– Ildo spends most of his money on shoes
– They both like to eat,and yet they are both skinny.
– Ildo is reserved, cold, and mischievous. He tends to show more of this side of himself in front of fans.
– Hyobin has an open personality.
– Hyobin has the best visual in the group according to Ildo.
– Before going on stage to avoid nervous Hyobin does vocal training, and Ildo likes to play video games on his phone.


Q & A::
Q: Are there any collaboration you’d like to do in the future with any of the female artist?
A: All female artist are welcome to collaborate with them.

Q: Often when groups find a company they change their stage name. Why did you decided not to change your name?
A: In order to stay humble and because their name was is an amount of money they kept their name from K-pop Star 2.

Q: When did you know you wanted to be a singer?
A: Hyobin – when he was in high school.
Ildo – he was always in his room doing music the way he liked, but was never critiqued. Then while he was on K-pop Star 2 he saw the way they critiqued him, and thought this might be something he can carry out into a career.

Live Performance::
굿밤 GOODBAM, 서울이 싫어졌어 (I Hate Seoul)

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