N.Flying (엔플라잉)


N.Flying (엔플라잉) was the Hot New Face in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. N.Flying made their Korean debuted in the Summer of 2015 under FNC Entertainment.

The members::
Seung Hyub (승협) – leader, vocal , rap
Kwang Jin (광진) – Bass
Cha Hun (차훈) – Guitar
Jae Hyun (재현) – Maknae, drum

About the music::
Their debut single “기가 막혀 (Awesome)” has a strong beat and a really cool groove and guitar sound. “All In” was written by Kwang Jin and is kind of about how N.Flying got their start, and how they put everything into becoming N.Flying. “One N Only” is meant to show a little more of their passion to be number one.


– Kwang Jin was trainee for ten years.
-Seung Hyub eats the most
– When doing music shows in Korean, because of time and sound issues they were not able to use live instruments, and were afraid it won’t give the right amount of energy.
– Kwang Jin was part of CNBlue until their indie days, but chose to leave because of musical difference.
– According to Kwang Jin Jae Hyun is the energizer of the group, and he’s always smilling.
– Rainbow’s Jae Kyung is Jae Hyun’s sister
– Cha hun was part of the indie scene in Korea before becoming part N.Flying
– If he was a girl Kwang Jin might think of dating Seung Hyub. All the other members said they wouldn’t date one of their members ever.
– They can do a relay of Donald duck imitations
– Seung Hyub and Jae Hyun makes the most mistakes on stage
– Kwang Jin changes the most either in front of fans or girls in general. According to Jae Hyun and Seung Hyub the way Kwang Jin talks changes completely in front of females.
– Jae Hyun shows more of his emotions than the other members. He also admits to carying more than the other members.
– Jae Hyun originally debuted as an actor before joining N.Flying
– Kwang Jin shows a different charm about himself with every new hair color. He would like to go back to his long hair in the future.


Q & A::
Q: Why the name N.Flying?
A: N.Flying is an abbreviation for New Flying. They want to be a new trend to help fly the k-pop world.

Q:With the other band sin your company what do you think your charm is?
A: They believe they have a bit of a stronger beat, more of a hiphop vibe, and they are a bit mischievous. Their music can go in any direction, and they never now what’s going to come next.

Q: First Impressions?
A: When Seung Hyub first saw Kwang Jin he had long hair, and looked like a diamond-in-the-ruff. Jae Hyun was recruited because he looked a lot like Kwang Jin, and he was curious as to how much. When they finally met Kwang Jin was touching his hair, and telling Jae Hyun how lucky he was that he looked so manly.

Q: Place you’d like to visit?
A: Kwang Jin – Turkey
Jae Hyun – Japan
Cha Hun – USA
Seung Hyub – Taiwan

Q: What variety shows would you like to participate in?
A: Jae Hyun – Running Man
Seung Hyub – Laws of the Jungle
Cha Hun – Man versus Wild
Kwang Jin – Real Men

Q: What is your biggest fear?
A: Jae Hyun – heights
Seung Hyub – his mother’s nagging
Kwang Jin – things around him
Cha Hun – insect

Interview Footage::

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