Baek Chung Kang (백청강)


Baek Chung Kang (백청강) was the Hot New Face in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. Baek Chung Kang debuted 2014 in under Faith Entertainment (페이스엔터테인먼트).

About the music::
잊었니(Forgot)” is one of his more recent singles, and it’s a sad song about a breaking up. “못된 놈 (Bad guy)” this song was released last year, and his really enjoys the song.

– He was on an audition program A Great Birth, and won first place.
– His mom was originally was against his doing the audition program, because at the time he was applying to college.
– On King of Masked Singer he dressed as a girl to hide who he was
– He is a survivor of rectal cancer


Q & A::
Yes or No?
I am a manly man and not shy? yes
I actually very cut throat honest? yes
when I am interested in somebody I will make the first move? No

Q: If you like someone what do you do?
A: He gets to know them, and then has the girl meet his friends. Once she has met the friends he introduces her as his girlfriend.

Q: are there any fans that you remember?
A: He was on the variety show Hello (안녕하세요), and a young guy came on and his concern was his mom. This guy was getting ready to take an entrance exam for high school and college. His mom was to busy following Baek Chung Kang that his father, and he couldn’t get her attention anymore. He was very humbled and horrified that someone loved his music to that extent.

Live Performance::
잊었니 (Forgot), 못된 놈 (Bad guy)

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