CLC (Crystal Clear (씨엘씨))


CLC (Crystal Clear (씨엘씨)) had a Star Date in the SoundK studio with DJ Stephanie. CLC debuted in 2015 under Cube Entertainment (큐브엔터테인먼트).

The members::
Seung Hee (승희) – Leader
SORN – Vocal
Seung Yeon (승연) – Vocal, the charming member
Yoo Jin (유진) – Vocal, dancer
Ye Eun (예은) – Maknae, rap

About the Music::
Their title song “궁금해 (Like)” is about a girl who likes a guy and is curious about him.


– Sorn speaks 4 languages: Korean, English. Thai, and Mandarin.
– Before debuting they did a lot of busking on the streets of Korea.
– If they have an international tour they would like to go to Thailand.
– Rain taught them the key point dance of their debut song Pepe.
– Sorn is the only member from outside of Korea.
– Seung Yeon has the weirdest sleeping habit. One time she was sleeping and she turned towards Sorn with a smile on her face and said “왜 그렇세요? (why are you like this)”.
– Sorn and Ye Eun have both experienced a one-sided love.
– They performed at the 2015 Dream concert.
– Ye Eun says that best thing she has ever been given for free is her family.
– The members don’t have cellphones, or TVs. Before moving to the dorm Yoo Jin used to watch a lot of dramas.


Q & A::
Q: What does CLC mean? Why was that name chosen?
A: Crystal Clear, just like crystal they will shine forever in the music industry.

Q: When did you begin training at Cube Entertainment, and how did you enter the company?
A: Yoo Jin was a trainee for 4 years before debuting with CLC. In middle school after getting dance lessons she auditioned for Cube Ent. and was successful.

Q: Are there any variety shows you would like to participate in?
A: Seung Hee would like to be on Hello Counselor, members says she is good at counseling. Seung Yeon wants to appear on Real Men because she’s athletic, and a tough girl.

Q: What kind of concept would you like to try next?
A: Seung Yeon suggested something that is a perfect combination of the Pepe and Like concepts. Yoo Jin would liek to try something that has a retro vibe.

Interview Footage::

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  1. Thanks! Now I know what SeungYeon said in her sleep.

    1. Your welcome, and just an extra tidbit she said it in a shy/cute way.

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