Hong Dae Kwang (홍대광)


Hong Dae Kwang (홍대광) Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. Hong Dae Kwang is ballad singer that debuted in 2013 under MMO Entertainment.

About the music::
He worked a lot on his new album 너랑 in order to make it a very relaxed album. All the tracks on the album are very relaxing songs that you can smile along with as you listen to them. This recent title track “너랑 (With you)” is kind of about his own experiences, but it is also something he wanted to say to his fans. The song features an acoustic guitar sound, and has sweet lyrics, but could also express the feelings of someone who is feeling a bit lonely. There is nothing that you can throw away; every track is useful in one situation or another.


– Because he name is similar to Song Dae Kwang whenever one of Song Dae Kwang’s song came out he was called by the song name
– He has a bit of a mischievous side and likes to play pranks on people
– Dae Kwang is very theme oriented when it comes to music
– When it comes to writing in general he gets a lot done while driving in his car. He writes lyrics while laying down. He needs someone to be there to listen to him so he can get inspiration for them.
– He is currently hosting a radio show.
– Dae Kwang has been learning to play the Cello.
– He is very close with Super Junior’s Ryeowook, and stated that whenever there is a big event in his life he received a lot of support from Ryeowook.
– He did a year long segment on Ryeowook’s radio show, and therefore kind of look to him as his radio teacher.
– If Dae Kwang had the time and funds he would like to take his fans out for a sit down diner, and sing for his fans.


Q & A::
Q: When are you the most manly man?
A: When holding a girl.

Q: Is there anyone that you consider a rival in the industry?
A: Not really, but at the same time the people directly above and below him on the charts are kind of like rivals.

Q: What is you ideal first date location?
A: If it’s a morning date then he would take his date for brunch. He would take his date to eat BBQ on a terrace somewhere if it is a lunch date. If it’s a dinner date he would take his date to a really nice restaurant with steak, and maybe a little bit of wine.

Q: Have you ever written a song and a friend thought it was about them and contacted you?
A: Yes, the first track off the last album was Oh Nam Mi owing him money and how he just wanted to get his money from her.

Q: What are your upcoming plans?
A: He is having a concert this week, and plans to put out more music soon.

Interview Footage::

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