Song HaYe (송하예)


Song HaYe (송하예) was the Hot New Face in the Kpoppin studio with DJ Isak. HaYe made her unofficial debut in 2013, and her official debut was in 2015 under Hello Music (안녕뮤직).

About the music::
HaYe believes that her recent single “얼음 (Ice Summer)” is a song that’s perfect for her age group that is upbeat and easy to enjoy. Her cover song “Be Alright” which was on the Blood OST 2015 is a love song, with a lot of feeling. HaYe describes it as a song that she enjoy listening to and singing along to.

– She has been on two audition shows: Made In U, and Kpop Star season 2.
– HaYe would like to be a chameleon with her vocals.
– HaYe prefers a guy that is more bulky than thin.
– She believes that dating is not a bad thing and see no reason to hide it.
– She has been on a cooking show and is slowing getting better at cooking.
– HaYe doesn’t like beer, but she like Soju.
– IU is her role model, and HaYe is a bit envious of her.
– Busker Busker is a band that she likes, and she used to try to imitate them.
– HaYe’s favorite drama is (Goong – Princess Hours), and she has watched each episode at least five times.
– She would like to do her own internet show similar to My Little Television
– HaYe tried writing a song and shared it with her team and they said it was good enough to be on an albums.

Q & A::
Q: Do you ever think of being in a girl group?
A: Every once in a while she feels lonely and the thought would cross her mind that she should be in a girl group. Then she remembers her passion for music and believes it would be better for her to be solo, because then she could do the kind of music she wanted to do.

Q: Ideal type?
A: Actor Ha Dong Suk – on the shorter side, bulky, and a fatherly type. She saw him at a screening, and seeing him in person further cemented in her mind that he is her ideal type.

Q: When did you really start seriously consider being a singer?
A: She had a big dream to be a singer, and then she did her first audition show. It as so draining she felt like a female soldier. After failing that audition show, the dream went away for a while. Then the spark to be a singer came back and she began seriously trying again.

Q: How would you like to be remembered?
A: She want to be known as a powerful vocalist.

Q: Is there anyone you would liek to collaborate with in the future?
A: Sung SiKyung, and IU.

Live Performances::
얼음 (Ice Summer – Accoustic version), Be Alright

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