Tri Tops (트리탑스)


Tri Tops (트리탑스) was the Kpop Rising guest in the SuperKpop studio with DJ Sam. Tri Tops is a talented vocal group that combines singing, and appearance that debuted in 2007.

The members::
Hyung Moon (반형문) – Vocal
Yoo Joon (장유준) – Maknae, vocal
Il Goon (김일군) – Vocal
Woo Gon (이우곤) – Vocal


– They write their own music.
– Woo Gon likes vanilla ice cream.
– They don’t feel and toughness right now, because they are receiving so much love from fans both in Korea and Japan.
– They did some Busking when the came back to Korea after spending quite a bit of time in Japan.
– Il Goon’s favorite Tri Tops song is “못생겨서 미안해 (Sorry That I’m Ugly)”, because it’s different from what they’ve previously done.
– Hyung Moon can do an imitation of the vocalist from Buzz.
– They don’t watch a lot of TV, because they are constantly traveling and working.
– Yoo Joon is the mood maker of the group.


Q & A::
Q: Where did the name Tri Tops come from?
A: They name literally means Tree Tops. The hidden meaning is that the tree represents the music scene, and they are on top of the music scene.

Q: Ideal types?
A: Hyung Moon – someone that is pretty on the inside.
Yoo Joon – some with natural cuteness, and a hair style that compliments them.

Q: Weird Habits?
A: The members can tell when Yoo Goon is lying, because he puts his hand on his head in a particular way.

Live Performances::
보고싶다 보고싶다 보고싶다 (Missing You Missing You Missing You)

못생겨서 미안해 (Sorry That I’m Ugly)

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