Lucite Tokki (루싸이트 토끼)

lucite tokki

Lucite Tokki (루싸이트 토끼) was the Kpop Rising guest in the SuperKpop studio with DJ Sam. Lucite Tokki is an indie band that debuted in 2007 under Magic Strawberry Sound (매직스트로베리사운드).

The members::
Ye Jin (예진) – Maknae, Vocal
Sun Young (선영) – Leader, Guitar

About the music::
They think of themselves as doing Pop music, and believes the message behind the music is very important. They write about their thoughts and feelings about their daily lives. “Go” the title track from their 3rd mini album is an upbeat song, about embracing life.

lucite tokki 2

– Ye Jin would like to go to London, England to performances, as well as perform there.
– While they were vacationing in Seattle, Washington they put on an impromptu performance for the locals.
– They first met at music school.
– Ye Jin says musical they are compatible, but their personalities don’t mesh very well, and that she is scared of Sun Young.
– Sun Young, likes to get things done very quickly, and Ye Jin likes to take her time.
– They did a song for a snack commercials, that was must they them saying “두근두근 (pit-a-pat)” repeatedly..
– Sun Young learned how to play guitar at church from an older guy she liked who ended up going into military service.

lucite tokki 3

Q & A::
Q: Why the name Lucite Tokki?
A: Tokki, because Sun Young front teeth look like a rabbit’s teeth, and Ye Jin likes rabbits in general. Friends said they shouldn’t just call the group Tokki (rabbit), so they decided to put a cool word in front of it. That cool word ended up being Lucite.

Q: Do you ever go to Karaoke Rooms?
A: Sun Young never goes to karaoke rooms. Ye Jin hasn’t been to a karaoke room in many years, but she remembers sing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

Q: How does it feel knowing that your music ranks 1st among females in their early 20s as SNS background music?
A: They are very happy that their are people who can relate to their music.

Live Performances::


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