Kisum (키썸)

Kisum 1

Kisum (키썸) was the Hot New Face in the Kpoppin Studio with DJ Isak. Kisum debuted in 2013 under Mapps Entertainment (맵스엔터테인먼트).


– She was part of the survival program Unpretty Rap Star (Season 1), and 쇼미더머니 (Show Me The Money (Season 3)).
– Kisum was trained as an idol, but gave that up to focus on being a rapper.
– Although she is from Seoul, but her nickname is “경기도의 딸 (daughter from Gyunggi).”
– She was on variety “경기G버스 (Gyunggi G Bus)” where she got her nickname.
– While on the survival shows she had to do a lot of disrespectful raps, but songs like “You & Me” show her true colors.
– Kisum has lots of love for Cheetah, fellow Unpretty Rap Star participant.
– She considers herself to be the type of person who doesn’t lose.


Q & A::
Q: Why the name Kisum?
A: Backwards it spells musik which is how several country spell music. She wanted to give the message “I am Musik.”

Q: Are you into public relationships?
A: No, because she doesn’t want people taking advantage of the relationship. She doesn’t want to hear people say she made this, or that mistake because she is dating so and so, or because she was spending time with her boyfriend.

Q: How do you want a guy to approach you?
A: The guy shouldn’t be obvious about the fact that he is trying to ask her out.

Live Performance::

심상치 않아 (You & Me)


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