Starting Again!!

Hi Everyone,

It’s Ziana here.

I’ve noticed on my SNS that people are still interested in this blog. And because of the continued interest, and questions I’ve been receiving in regards to this blog.

I’ve decided to… Start Again!!!

Just like last time I will supply a schedule of the interviews I’m going to post. Using this format :
Artist/Group name (Korean name (if there is one))
Date and Time of interview (Seoul Time)
Radio show name

I will pick and choose which interviews I summarize. I will only do 1 interview a week per show. That means 1 interview for Kpoppin, 1 interview for SoundK, and 1 interview for SuperKpop for a total of 3 interviews a week.

Much Love,
❤ Ziana ❤

P.S My schedule for this upcoming week start 2017/02/06 is already posted. If you would like me to do a summary for a specific interview instead of the one I have scheduled for that radio show PLEASE let me know at least 4 days IN ADVANCE.

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