MASC (마스크)


MASC was the in the SuperKpop Studio with DJ Sam Carter for K-Star & Live. MASC (마스크) is a 4 member boy band that debuted in 2016 under JJ Holic Media.

WooSoo (우수 / 우영수) – Leader, main vocalist, producer
26 (이륙/ 김지훈) – Rapper, dancer, video producer
Ace (에이스 / 김대성) – Rapper
HeeJae (희재 / 요희재) – Maknae, vocalist


– MASC is short for masculine
– The aegyo / skinship team : heejae, 26
– The manly / masculine team : ace & woosoo
– One of the members has a food allergy to season leaves
– Wooso like soccer (football)
– Woosoo fav american artist because face, height, fashion, music all good to him


Q & A::
Q: Why the stage name “26”? Does “26” have a special meaning to you? if so, what is that special meaning?
A: He wants his music career to 이륙 (take-off) like an airplane.
“이륙” also means 26 (이 = 2; 륙 = 6).

Q: What was the inspiration for Tina?
A: Tina means that your feeling are very obvious and you can’t control or hide them. That was the inspiration.

Q: What is your Ideal type?
A: Woosoo – a girl that smiles a lot
Ace – girls with nice and pretty eyes

Q: Describe yourself with one emoji?
A: 26 – scary angry bird

Live Performance::
낯설어 (Strange)

왜 또 나야? (Why always me?)

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