Walwari (왈와리)


Walwari was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came from the Stars with DJ Leah. Walwari (왈와리) is a co-ed group that debuted in early 2017.

Mister Boombox (미스터붐박스) – Deep Vocalist, Beatboxer
Jyunky (쥰키) – Vocalist
Merry (메리) – Maknae, Vocalist


– ‘Come On’ is a cover of 거북이 (Geo-bug-i)’s Come On from their Turtles 2 album.
– They huge foodies, especially love hot pots.
– Jyunky is banned from shopping for 2 months, because she loves shopping too much and it’s bad for the budget. Merry likes shopping too, but she’s not as bad as Jyunky.
– Merry said when she first met Mister Boombox she thought he looked interesting, but she doesn’t remember why she thought that.
– Jyunky’s parents live in China.
– Leah and Merry said Jyunky looks like Arirang’s Stephanie.
– Merry said that Mister Boombox because he used to make fun of her. Mister Boombox said that he is nervous now when he makes fun of her.
– They said that ‘Just the Two of Us’ by Bill Withers is a good bed time song.
– Mister Boombox has a black scarf that he bought for himself with the first money he made after coming up to Seoul. He cherishes it so much that he rarely wears it.
– Merry walks aimlessly when she has a lot on her mind. She once walked around 한강 (Han River) for 5 hours just thinking.
– Jyunky’s favorite cartoon character is Betty Boop.


Q & A::
Q: What does Walwari mean?
A: In Korea when people see something amazing they tend to say “와 (wa)”, and when they are having a good time they tend to sing “lalilali” to themselves. They combined Wa with lalilali and it became Walwari. In chinese it means Wang Wang which means 대박(daebak) in Korean, and amazing / jackpot in English.

Q: What are the pros and cons of being a co-ed group?
A: Pro : When making music they have the male of female vocals they need without asking for a featuring from someone.
Con: When they change clothes the girls use the dressing room and Boombox uses the bathroom.

Live Performance::
Come On

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