Han Heejun (한희준)


Han Heejun was in the Kpoppin’ studio for Star Close-Up with DJ Isak. Han Heejun (한희준) debuted in 2012 under Daylight Polaris Entertainment (일광폴라리스 엔터테인먼트).

– He has done a lot of soundtracks, a musical, and audition programs, but just released his first album in 2017.
– He is fluent in English.
– Music for him is like a cellphone, he doesn’t love it, but he needs it.
– Most of the time the lyrics and melody come together when he is making music.
– He is going to release to more CDs, and they are a continuation of the recent album. Which will be the PG version of his experiences.
– He says he never wrote a song for someone else, he wrote them for himself, but then ends up tossing them at others.
– He loves to eat, and did a V app food show.
– He feels like he is ready to show all sides of his personal life to the public, in terms of shows like “I live alone.”
– He doesn’t like big anything, he is very simple and minimalist.
– He says he sleeps in only his underwear.
– His fan club name is RicJu (릭주).
– He is a Lord of the Rings fan, so he would like to visit New Zealand.
– He loves purple, but he feels like purple is a lonely color.
– He feels like a lot of his inspiration from from prayer, because he feels like a lot inspiration can’t possible come from the world.
– He spends a lot time praying, and reading his bible, and finding great artist that are unknown, and give them some love.
– He loves Korean food, and if he could would name his son Hansik (한식) because his last name is Han and sik means food.


Q & A::
Q: Tells us about ‘그대여’?
A: He said it’s one of his favorites. It was done in one shot, with just him the mic and the piano man. And they asked each other “what can we do to woo our girlfriends?” at the time they didn’t have any without money. They decided on a song. They sent it to there girlfriends, and they girlfriends loved it, so they put it on an album. He went onto say that he is currently single.

Q: I heard you did two audition shows one in The States, and one in Korea. Tell me more about that.
A: He says he knew he could sing in his shower, but his first time singing in public was in front of Jennifer Lopez on American Idol, and he was very nervous. He did it to get some TV time for the organization he was part of. Then he wanted some love from his own people (Koreans) so he ended up doing an audition show in Korea.

Q: If you had a chance to be an Mc on Radio Star, or go to number 1 on the charts which would you choose?
A: Go to number 1 on the charts.

Q: Plans for the foreseeable future?
A: He will be promoting ‘생각나 (Think of You)’ until the end of March. Then might be starting promotion from something new.

Live Performance::
생각나 (Think of You)

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