Hwang In Sun (황인선)


Hwang In Sun was the Hot New Face in the Kpoppin’ studio with DJ Isak. Hwang In Sun (황인선) debuted at 27 in 2016 and is currently under Hi Entertainment (Hi 엔터테인먼트).


– She started her music career at 26 with audition program Produce 101, which is considered too late to be in a girl group, therefore she went solo.
– She’s been dancing from a young age.
– She write her own songs, and makes bracelets and other DIY stuff.
– She started off with ballads, because she believes that in order to be considered a true vocalist you have to be able to tackle a ballads.
– She was known as Hwang Imo (황이모/ Aunt Hwang) on Produce 101 with the catch phrase ‘Make Some Noise!’
– She was student president in her school days.
– She admits to crying when she gets upset.
– She says broadcast where you eat are very hard.
– She can play the piano a little bit, and would love to learn how to play the electric guitar.


Q & A::
Q: What is you song creation process?
A: She takes whatever comes to her first (usually the melody), and then thinks “what instruments can I put with this?” She feels that since she’s already sitting down writing what came to her, she might as well try to finish it. If she’s having a bad day she will start humming a melody that she’s been thinking about, and try to figure out what has her feeling so down. Some of her songs come from doing that.

Q: What is 사랑애 (Sorrow) about?
A: Is the first song she released as a solo artist. It is about being in a relationship, and feeling the break up coming. It is expressing the sorrow that comes from such a situation.

Q: What was it like being on Produce 101?
A: They split the participates into group A, B, C and so on. When you ate, where you slept depended on which group you were in. She was given the number 98 before even auditioning, and 97 other girls were already in the room with the judges. When she walked in everyone was looking at her as if they were dissecting her with their eyes. She feels that was one of the most emotional parts of being part of the program. Overall it was a good experience.

Live Performance::
사랑애 (Sorrow)

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