Blanc7 (블랑7)


Blanc 7 was in the Kpoppin’ studio for Hot New Face with DJ Isak. Blanc 7 (블랑7) is a boy band that debuted in 2017 under Jackpot Entertainment (잭팟엔터테인먼트).

JeanPaul (쟝폴) – Leader
Spak (스팍) – B-boy
DL (디엘) – Dancer
Shinwoo (신우) – Main Vocalist, Dancer
Teno (테노) – Dancer
Taichi (타이치) – Sub Vocalist
Key Kid (케이키드) – Second Vocalist


– Spak has set a challenge for himself to post one video a week to their YouTube showing his b-boy skills.
– According to the members the most competitive member is JeanPaul.
– Teno used to be part of a dance team, and that’s how he met Shinwoo.
– Shinwoo has already survived his military duty, & he plays the alto saxophone.
– Taichi never danced until he came to Korea, and says he takes him a while to learn the choreography.
– When Taichi was in Taiwan he played the drums.
– According to members is the sexiest member, and he knows it.
– Shinwoo likes going to the practice hall early, and listen to girl group dances.
– The quirkiest member is JeanPaul, and he has a lot of energy from the time he wakes up until bed time.
– The one who eats the most is JeanPaul. He went to a store and bought 4 packs a ramen, 3 triangle packs, some other things, and ate all of it one setting.
– To show some hidden talents Shinwoo did 3 voice impersonations in 30 seconds.
– Sometimes when they go overseas people mistake Spak for BTS’s Jimin.
– Shinwoo had a chance to be in the musical Hamlet, but because of group promotion schedules overlapping, he had to give up the role. He would like to participate again in the future.
– When it comes to collaborations within the group JeanPaul would like to see Taichi play drums while Spak b-boys to the beat.
– Their role model as a group is BTS.


Q & A::
Q: What does Blanc 7 mean?
A: Blanc means white in French. Their fan club is Prism, because they want to show their individual colors to their fans just like when white light hits a prism, and shows it’s individual colors.

Q: There are many profiles online written for by foreigners. Can you please give your thoughts about this?
A: DL – The profiles are saying that I’m the older of Milo from Romeo, but I’m not related to him at all. We met for the first time at a broadcast program yesterday (2017-03-22), and I’d like to get close with him in the future.

Q: What are Yeah & Fire about?
A: Yeah is a rhythmic song that shows off a guys sexiness. Fire is a completely different image from Yeah. Fire is a soft song with an innocent feel, and is about a guy showing his feelings.

Live Performance::

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