Eyedi (아이디)


Eyedi was the Hot New Face in the Kpoppin’ studio with DJ Isak. Eyedi (아이디) is a female solo artist that debuted in 2016 under Base Camp Studio (베이스캠프스튜디오).

– She is an R&B singer.
– According to DJ Isak she is the bookworm of Hiphop artist from the past.
– She has her own V-app channel.
– Eyedi started music when she is 18.
– She is the type of person that looks up everything about an artist that she gets hooked on.
– Eyedi has never been formally trained for dancing. But she feels that she’s good at listening to the music, feeling the beat, & moving along with it.
– Best Mistake is a song telling a guy he is the best mistake of her life.
– She likes bread such as; wheat & whole grain breads. She also likes the new breads being made from rice, because she likes breads that are more on the chewy side.
– She like grey and green eyes.
– She into all the arts (fashion, painting, performing)
Eyedi would like it if the keyword ” black music” was searched in connotation with her name.


Q & A::
Q: Have you always been a good song writer? Or did you have to practice?
A: When she first started writing music she would carry a small memo pad around writing down random thoughts. She would then use that when trying to put a lot of things together. Drawing inspiration from that collection of random thoughts.

Q: If you were to start dating would it be someone who is a musician, or someone who is completely outside the industry?
A: A musician, with a nice smell, and looks good in a hoodie & casual laid back style of clothes.

Q: If you could do something different from what your doing now would it be?
A: Acting. It would have to be a role that is completely different from herself, but not completely psycho. So that she would have to really dig in and become the character.

Live Performance::
Sign (feat. Loopy)

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