Pretty Brown (프리티브라운)


Pretty Brown was in the SuperKpop studio for Kpop Rising with DJ Sam. Pretty Brown (프리티브라운) is an R&B duo group debuted in 2015, and is under Brand New Music (브랜뉴뮤직).

Hyun Jung (현중) – Vocalist
In Hoi (구인회) – Vocalist


– When asked who was the artist that helped them the most with their recent album they said all the featurings saved their songs.
– They get their inspiration from life experiences and love.
– Neither one is good at dancing, but In Hoi is a bit better than Hyun Jung.
– They like their alcohol.
– They are looking forward to working with Hello Venus which is currently being discussed.
– Their role models in music are Kaci & Jojo, and Eric Benet, and a few other 90s R&B Soul artists.
– Their self titled song Pretty Brown is the song they use to introduce themselves to the world.
– If they had to give up coffee or alcohol Hyun Jung said he’d give up alcohol, but In Hoi would give up coffee. They would prefer to not give up either one.
– They’ve known each other for 13 years.
– They prefer younger cute girls with long hair, & a nice smile.


Q & A::
Q: Where does the name Pretty Brown come from?
A: They got the name from Mint Condition’s song ‘Pretty Brown Eyes.’

Q: What can we expect from this recent album?
A: There are songs they wanted to do as a duo. Along with songs that were previously released as singles.

Q: What is you favorite song in the world currently?
A: Hyun Jung– Eric Benet — Still with you
In Hoi — Eric Benet — Cracks of My Broken Heart

Q: What is 애매해 (Grey) about?
A: 애매해 (Grey) is about when a couple is in that stage of we’re broken up, but we’re not broken up. It’s that neither this nor that stage. The grey area between black and white.

Live Performance::
애매해 (Grey (feat. Verbal Jint))

Pretty Brown

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