MVP (엠브이피)


MVP was in the SuperKpop studio for K-Star & Live with DJ Sam. MVP (엠브이피) is a boy band that debuted in 2017 under PH Entertainment (PH엔터테인먼트) with the Manifest mini album.

Kanghan (강한) – Leader, Vocalist
Rayoon (라윤) – Rapper, Dancer
Gitaek (기택) – Vocalist
P.K – Rapper, Main Dancer
Jin (진) – Sub-Vocalist
Ben (빈) – Vocalist
Sion (시온) – Maknae, Lead Vocalist


– Rayoon is the mom of the group, & Kanghan is the dad.
– Jin and Ben are twins, but Ben is the oldest.
– 선택해 (Take It) is a track with a Hiphop feel that’s about a guy saying pick me, out of everyone else take me.
– Rayoon says he is not good at English but that he is good at pretending like he is.
– Sion says Gitaek is the member that gets mad the quickest.
– All the members did a wink, Rayoon’s wink is more if a baby wink.
– Kanghan has the biggest hands, but only because his little finger is bigger than PK’s little finger. The other fingers are the same.
– Kanghan is the oldest member.
– The way to tell the twins apart is that JIn has a tiny mole on his nose, and Ben has a tiny mole just above his lip.


Q & A::
Q: ideal types?
A: Sion — short and sexy girls with nice smile.
Kanghan — short and cute girls with nice smile.
PK — girls with long hair & legs, tall, and sexy, sports.
Rayoon — girls that are tall, sexy with short hair & nice smile.
Ben, Jin, Gitaek — girls that are tall, sexy with nice smiles.

Q: Do you have any special talents?
A: Sion can do an impress of Lee Jungjae.

Q: [To the Maknaes] Who is the Hyun you want to be with all the time?
A: Sion — Kanghan ; Jin — Kanghan ; Ben — Rayoon

Q: Who is MVP’s role model?
A: MVP’s role model is Shinhwa, because they have been around for so long, and still seem very close as a team.

Live Performance::
끝까지 들어 (Hear me out)

눈물 똑 (Don’t cry)

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