Seven O’clock (세븐어클락)


Seven O’clock was in the You Who Came From The Stars with DJ Leah. Seven O’clock (세븐어클락 / SOC) is a boy band that debuted in 2017 under Staro Entertainment (스타로엔터테인먼트) with the mini album..

A-day (에이데이) – Leader, Rapper, Vocalist, Dancer
Vaan (반) – Rapper
Hyun (현) – Vocalist
Younghoon (영훈) – Vocalist
Jeongkyu (정규) – Vocalist
Taeyoung (태영) – Maknae, Vocalist


– Vaan likes pizza, and Hyun likes kimchi.
– Younghoon is the vitamin of the group.
– Philippines fans are calling them “the super rookies.”
– Vaan bought a member expensive clothes. That member wears them as pajama, because they make him feel at peace with himself.
– A-day says that lately Hyun talks in his sleep, and has practiced his introduced himself in his sleep.
– Taeyoung imitated Vaan’s snore.
– The maknaes of the group said that the hyungs don’t bully them, but they sounded kind of scared while saying that.
– According to the member Hyun is the trouble maker of group.
– The members said that Taeyoung likes to come cuddle and skinship with them while spying at what they’re doing on their phones. He firmly denied it.
– Vaan writes his own rap lyrics.
– Halley is about a guy waiting desperately for his love.
– According to the members Younghoon is really good at planking (a type of exercise). Leah challenged him to plank for three minutes.
– A-day has a lot of coupons, and just filters out the search results to find the one he wants to use, and to get more. The members say he is very good at it.
– DJ Leah says Younghoon looks like BigBang’s TOP.
– Taeyoung likes to play drums and beatboxing.


Q & A::
Q: What does seven o’clock stand for?
A: It stands for opening your day at 7:00 AM & ending your day at 7:00 PM.

Q: Is there something you’re embarrassed about?
A: A-day says that after working all day when he takes off his shoes there’s quite a smell. The members said that they could get him shoes scent items, and A-day said if they could give them to him now instead of waiting for his birthday it would be great.

Q: What type of song is 시계바늘 (ECHO)?
A: It’s a love song telling a girl to wait for him, and he’ll heal all your pain.

Q: [To Younghoon ] What inspired you to go into music?
A: Younghoon was inspired by music programs that he used to watch on TV as a child to become a singer. He says SHINee is a group that he looks up to.

Live Performance::
시계바늘 (ECHO)

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