The Ade (디에이드)


The Ade was in the Kpoppin’ studio for Star Close Up with DJ Isak. The Ade (디에이드) is a co-ed duo group the debuted in 2016 under Ade Music (에이드뮤직).

Daeun (안다은) – Vocalist
Kyunyun (김규년) – Guitarist


– They have a tour coming up, and Kyunyun is worried for Daeun’s voice, because it’s constant singing at back to back concerts, and not like a single concert and then go mom.
– They consider covers that people do of their songs as free PR.
– Kyunyun recently got a bigger car. Up until then they were using a car each.
– Kyunyun claims the title of talking king. He says it’s not because he is particular good at talking, it’s just that he talks a lot.
– They know each other so well that new things about each other haven’t been discovered.
– Kyunyun says that he likes to watch movies and then jump into the studio and uses the feelings he got from the movie to create something new.
– Kyunyun would like to go to the USA, and Daeun would like to go there as well as to Switzerland.
– Daeun’s ideal type is the good looking athletic guy.
– Kyunyun’s ideal type is a well put together girl, like an announcer.
– If they could change their partner for just one day Kyunyun would choose someone who is his ideal type. Daeun would change to John Meyer.
– With the more music they put out, and the cover they put out Daeun tends to mess up songs more often. It has gotten to the point where she will mix lyrics from different songs together and give Kyunyun weird looks (as if he is the one who got it wrong).


Q & A::
Q: 닮은거래요 seems like a happier song than you usually put out.
A: When they write songs they tend to end up being sad songs. They asked someone to supply them with a happier song.

Q: Is there something that you just don’t touch in order to maintain the brother sister dynamic you have?
A: They said anything outside of work. Daeun said its to the point that Kyunyun begs her to get out of her house, and go on dates, so he can have something to not know about her.

Q: What advice to have for people who want to create their own duo?
A: Daeun says to find someone who has the same genre taste as you. Kyunyun says if it is a co-ed duo be complete siblings, because it could be awkward if it became more, and it’d be awkward if it didn’t.

Q: What are your future plans?
A: They are having a domestic cafe tour where they will visit 23 different places around South Korea. Some places have already sold out.

Live Concert::

묘해,너와 (It’s strange, with you / Acoustic Collabo cover)

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