Sik-K (식 케이)


Sik-K was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came From The Stars with DJ Leah. Sik-K (식 케이) is a rapper, song writer, producer that debuted in 2015.

– He was on Show me the Money season 4.
– He has made songs for other people.
– His favorite food is sushi.
– Foreign countries are his healing place. When he really needs to heal his mind, soul, & body he travels.
– He has grills (the kind that go on the teeth).
– He likes Twice and Red Velvet songs, but says he doesn’t know them personally.
– He would like to stay humble, and help out the rookies in the industry. In a way similar to Jay Park.


Q & A::
Q: Any plans for the foreseeable future?
A: He has an album released in the first week of June. It will have 11 tracks, and feature Jay Park.

Q: What is ‘Rendezvous’ about?
A: He heard the word ‘rendezvous’ from someone, and he liked the meaning, and decided to make a song about it. The song is about having an important appointment with a special someone.

Q: If you had a day to live as someone else who would you be?
A: He would live as his father. He wants to be like his father toward his own son.

Live Performance::
ring ring (feat. 개코 (Gaeko))

랑데부 (Rendezvous)

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