Jane Jang (장재인)


Jane Jang was in the Kpoppin studio for Be My Super Star with DJ Isak. Jane Jang (장재인) debuted in 2010 and is currently under Mystic Entertainment (미스틱엔터테인먼트).

– She was on Super Star K season 2.
– She has been doing some traveling visiting place like Tokyo, Berlin, Amsterdam, & Paris.
– She received a lot of inspiration from her trips and it’s reflected in her recent album.
– During one of her trips she saw an art exhibit by Paul McCartney and felt so much emotion. She decided for herself that she need see more art, and embrace it more, and create it.
– For Jane going on trips is about survival, & so her goes on trips by herself. She doesn’t usually go to the typical tourist locations when she vacations.
– She calls herself a perfectionist. She says se re-recorded the song at least 10 tens.
– The original title was a heart emoticon but the producer didn’t like that title. In the end it was changed to a name based off the perfume she’s been wearing lately.
– She’s been doing Pilates for 2 yrs. but doesn’t know the names of positions.
– She was part of a band as a vocalist, but thinks it’d be nice to go back and learn the drums. She thinks female drummers are hot.
– When writing songs she can write songs anywhere, but she needs to be able to concentrate comfortably on her laptop.
– She’s a very spontaneous person.


Q & A::
Q: Can you tell us about Carmin?
A: The song is about how someone will believe they will never fall in love again. Then realize they’ll get over this heart break, and the butterflies will come again with someone new, and that they can love again. So, they should just enjoy love.

Q: What is your ideal type?
A: She loves a guy who is very sweet, honest, can think & react quickly when different situations occur.

Q: If you could go back in time what would you change?
A: She would not go on Super Star K. She likes her job, but she’s very curious what her life would be like if she had never done the how.

Q: Can you describe your gaming habits?
A: When it comes to games she’s trying to avoid them. She knows that once she gets started she has to see it through to the end. She has to level up her characters as far as the system allows, and collect all necessary items to do so. She is also very competitive when playing games. (A/N: I’m the same way.)

Interview Footage::

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