Varsity (바시티)


Varsity was in the Kpoppinn’ studio for Be My Super Star with DJ Isak. Varsity (바시티) is a boy band that debuted in 2017 under CSO Entertainment (CSO엔터테인먼트).

Bullet (블릿) – Leader, Rapper, Vocalist
Kid (키드) – Vocalist
Xiweol (시월) – Vocalist
Riho (리호) – Vocalist
Seungbo (승보) – Mood Maker, Rapper
Yunho (윤호) – Dancer
Dawon (다원) – Vocalist
Damon (데이먼) – Dancer
Xin (씬) – Vocalist
Anthony (앤써니) – Vocalist
Jaebin (재빈) – Vocalist
Manni (만니) – Maknae, Rapper, Dancer


– Manni would confess his feelings for a girl by choreographing a special dance for her.
– Anthony speaks Chinese, Korean, & English.
– Bullet is the dad of the group & does the most cleaning up.
– The members like eating to cheer themselves up.
– The king of aegyo Jaebin according to the members, because he’s so cute when he introduces himself.
– They plan to go overseas a lot this year.
– They did some busking in yesterday (4/30).
– One of the happy moments since they debuted for Bullet was when the fans started screaming for them when they were about to go on stage for a broadcast performance.
– Manni is Muslim and speaks Chinese.
– If a girlfriend ever asked Kid if he noticed anything different about her he would say “no, because you’re beautiful everyday”.
– If it was his anniversary & all he had was $10 Anthony would get some ‘in & out,’ and take her to his favorite beach to watch the sunset with her.


Q & A::
Q: What is ‘Hole in one’ about?
A: ‘Hole in One’ is a bright bubbly hiphop track about a guy chasing a girl and falling in love.

Q: What has been the most difficult thing being a group of 12?
A: When the stages isn’t big enough for them to be on. The members in the back are either standing still doing the choreography, or hitting each other moving around.

Q: What frustrates you the most when cleaning?
A: Bullet – cleaning chairs is very bothersome. He cleans one chair, and another dirty chair will pop up. They are usually covered in clean clothes, dirty clothes, and that one missing sock his been looking for for months.

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