O.When (오왠)


O.When was in the SuperKpop studio for K-Star & Live with DJ Sam. O.When (오왠) debuted in 2016 under DH Play Entertainment (디에이치플레이엔터테인먼트).

– He wants to write a song based on a movie.
– His thoughts inspires him to write music these days.
– He likes dogs more because they are cute, and less scary. He is a bit scared of cats.
– His favorite food is cheese pizza with tabasco sauce.
– He recommends listening to a song called ‘Rock Bottom’.
– He likes goes to Han River, but he has been so busy lately that he has been able to go there.
– He gets his energy to keep doing lots of music career activities from video clips from fans.
– It has been exactly one year from his debut (May 24).


Q & A::
Q: Where does O.When (오왠) come from?
A: It’s a name that from left to right he’ll be doing all sorts of music.

Q: What is ‘없네 (No one else)’ about?
A: It’s a song for the single people, and is about having no one else. It is his first original song written by himself. The song came about because when he was 20 living in Busan his friend who had a girlfriend was always making fun of him for being single.

Q: What is your ideal type?
A: A younger girl who smiles a lot, and doesn’t have double eyelids.

Live Performance::
없네 (No one else)


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