The Eastlight (더 이스트라이트)


The Eastlight was in the Kpoppin’ studio for Be My Super Star with DJ Isak. The Eastlight (더 이스트라이트) is a boy band that debuted in 201 under Media Line Entertainment (미디어라인엔터테인먼트).

Sukcheol (이석철) – Leader, Drums
Joonwook (김준욱) – Guitarist
Seunghyun (이승현) – Bassist
Eunsung (이은성) – Vocalist
Sagang (정사강) – Maknae, Vocalist


– The guitar in the video was special ordered for Joonwook. It is a guitar that can makes the different sound effects that computer sound software makes. It took a month for him to get it.
– Sagang takes several picture before deciding which selfie to post online. He has to have prefect lighting, and from a high angle.
– They would like to meet Big Bang, they finished their promotions right before Big Bang made their “에라 모르겠다 (fxxk it)” comeback. They were sad they didn’t get to meet them at least once.
– If Seunghyun could join a boy group for one day it would be BTS as a rap and dance member.
– They would like to be on infinite challenge.
– They feel they’ve gotten better at talking because they’ve been doing more interviews and doing vlive interactions with the fans.
– They are well known for having different versions of their songs.
– They like the concept for “You’re My Love” better because they are showing their individual good looks.
– Sukcheol ranked the members according to how good they look. 1st – Sukcheol, 2nd – Sagang , 3rd – Joonwook, 4th – Seunghyun, 5th – Eunsung, but he thinks they are all good looking.
– Their role model among Korean bands is BTS.
– One song they never delete from their playlist are all their songs.


Q & A::
Q: Why are there so many versions of the song?
A: There are 3 versions of the song: tropical, rock, and acoustic. Just like you eat three meals a day, there is a different version of the song for the three times of the day. They say you should listen to the tropical version is for in morning, listen to the rock version during the day, and acoustic version is for people to listen to as they fall asleep at night.

Q: How do you make your covers?
A: They don’t call everyone and say “were going to meet in the studio and do this cover.” During their quiet time usually someone will start humming a song then someone starts playing over it. In the end if they like the sound they’ll post it online.

Live Performance::
You’re My Love

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